The Practice of Daily Stirs

What Are Daily Stirs?

Daily Stirs are simple in-the-moment practices to lighten your way and brighten your day. These easy actions (also called AffirmActions) can be done almost anywhere, alone or with others. “Stirring” is a process of blending things together, but it is also an awakening. Daily Stirs are an easy way to create, connect and, with practice, awaken more beautiful, blissful moments.

See Today’s Stir…

Why Should We Do Daily Stirs?

Daily Stirs help us break routine, be in the moment, connect with the benefits of play and practice, and increase smiles. The Stirs are baby steps towards more joy, connection and gratitude. If you are interested in evolving towards a higher state of Being this is one of the easiest possible ways to start and maintain that movement.

What makes Stirs different from Daily Affirmations?

The manifesting of happiness through body, mind and spirit creates something different and perhaps deeper than what our minds and words can conjure alone. Activating the body and spirit along with the mind activates a more mindful connection with our flow and our Soul. Knowing that others are doing the same Stir but in their own unique way also helps strengthen our connection to something bigger than ourselves.

Why are Stirs Only 5 Seconds?

We love the number 5 as it represents curiosity, freedom, change and exploring new possibilities. It also brings with it a lot of luck – which is nice. We chose a short time-frame because it is easy for anyone to take that small amount of time out of their day and stir in a simple AffirmAction. 5 seconds a day to lighten your way? That seems reasonable. Of course, longer periods of stirring can be even more beneficial – we suggest 55 seconds for people that really want to jump deeper into the Flow.

Are Daily Stirs a Practice?

Yes. But, practice does not make perfect. Practice simply moves us in small steps towards Being better. It is in the moments and movement of body, mind, and spirit that we find our true joy, our connection, our love, and our authentic selves. It is our belief that Stir Practices do not need to be difficult, time consuming, or serious – they can be easy, quick and light, leading to more participation and thus, more overall flow-moments.

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