About FlowStir

The FlowStir Mission

The FlowStir mission is simple… spark more moments of gratitude, connection and smiles. Finding Flow – Stirring Soul.


The FlowStir Difference

Play – There is always choice in how we embrace (or repel) our current moments. Work or play? Furious or curious? Grump or gratitude? Fight or flow? Stagnant or Stirred? We hope with simple practices to increasingly chose the lighter, happier path.

Balance – Physical activity is not enough. Affirmations are not enough. Dreaming or the alignment of stars are not enough. FlowStir seeks to engage and balance body, mind and spirit for more Flow Moments.

Time – All journeys begin with one small step. If it seems too daunting or too much effort it is often easier to just not begin – to ignore this moment and wait for a better-time. FlowStir is a simple invitation to live in this moment. Right now!

Connection – Maybe by connecting with a creative group, together, doing one small, animated action each day we increase our sense of belonging and movement towards becoming happier Beings. Perhaps, we can connect to something much bigger by connecting with something much smaller.

Cost – What cost? The cost is a few seconds of your time each day and a desire to take a tiny step towards your ultimate creative and curious spirit.

A Bridge – Many wellness practices can sound “out there” or not easily accessible without time, money, or great effort. Sometimes it is easier to put up a not-for-me wall then accept the power in touch, in belief, in breathing, in stretching, in play, in understanding everything is indeed connected. FlowStir hopes to nudge curiosity and perhaps be a small bridge to some deeper practices and people that may help lighten your way?

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  1. This looks great. Love the text and spirit (Furious or Curious, etc.). Also, the logo is simple but cool. Keep spinning and move up…the logo says it all. Congrats on starting this movement. Love it, Greg Z

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