FlowStir Mission Statement

FlowStir Mission

The FlowStir mission is simple… spark more moments of gratitude, connection and smiles. Finding Flow – Stirring Soul.


What FlowStir Offers the World

FlowStir offers a platform for initiating small, simple actions (Stirs) that break routine, stir the heart/soul, and with practice, lead in a small way to more authentic, fulfilling and happy lives.

Five seconds (or more) a day to lighten your way. We are sparking curiosity, creativity and positivity through immersing in moments… one small action at a time. Engaging body, mind and spirit for more Flow & more Soul.


Who We Are

FlowStir is a community of open-minded, creative, lighthearted beings working towards increasing happiness and meaning in their lives. Put simply, our goal is to nudge happiness further. Our method is any action that engages us more fully in the present moment. If we can slightly alter routine, quiet the ego, slow our pace, appreciate where we are, and widen our smile we all can flow in a positive direction and play in the upward spiral of connection and Soul.

Thank you for being a part of our Movement.

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