What is the Meaning of The FlowStir Symbol?

A spiral symbol with an upward arrow - FlowStir


FlowStir Symbol – Origin Unknown

The origin and first uses of a spiral symbol combined with an upward arrow are unknown. Use of the symbol to represent the FlowStir Project along with it’s FlowBeings first appeared in a series of visions and dreams revealed to Sparker Lovejoy in 2021.

The meaning, of what has become known as the FlowStir symbol, is fluid and evolving but here is a general overview from our current understanding.

• The spiral is an intuitive symbol of our identity and spiritual development. The arrow symbolizes movement, dynamism and vibrancy. Together these symbols represent higher energy and personal movement towards one’s goals and Purpose.

• For the FlowStir Project the symbol represents small, steady steps towards lightening, love, laughter and connection. FlowStir also represents increasing attunement to flow-moments that stir the heart and spirit – finding flow, stirring soul.

• Embracing change and falling into the Positive Spiral of smiling, creativity, growth, and oneness with our larger community and cosmos. “Stirring” is the process of discovery and manifestation of joy. We are all creative, joy seeking, soulful beings and this is the badge, symbol or reminder of our unlimited potential.


Flow Being with spiral head found on cave wall.

• The symbol represents creative cycles of rebirth as we lighten upward and onward. Accepting and trusting what happens on this path to a deeper truth or joy consciousness. The duality of letting go and surrendering while simultaneously increasing connection with divine and cosmic energies.

Quotes related to this symbol:

“Shifting your ego in the direction of Soul” – Bill Plotkin   

“The spiral is a spiritualized circle. In the spiral form, the circle, uncoiled, has ceased to be vicious; it has been set free.”   – Vladimir Nabokov

“Ideas become reality. Once you hit that reality, you get a new idea. It’s a virtuous upward spiral. However, the majority are satisfied living within the idea of the reality instead of the reality of the idea.” – Richie Norton


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    I´m tica, from Costa Rica, I was looking for a short answer to my bf for my ring with this symbol and found your response astonishing! Thank you for your research!

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