Gratitude Tokens – Let’s Spread the Love!

What are Gratitude Tokens?

Gratitude Tokens are physical wooden tokens of appreciation and gratitude. They are a currency of sorts backed by nothing but positive energy – the more they are gifted, the more stoked with luck, laughter and love they become. They also serve as powerful lucky totems… which is nice.

Why we need Gratitude Tokens (and more real-world acts of kindness)

In a culture that is getting increasingly divided, pessimistic, and withdrawing into the virtual world, we desperately need more real interactions and AffirmActions promoting kindness, curiosity, gratitude, and love. These wooden nickel tokens are a simple way to lighten, brighten, notice, and appreciate the goodness in people and the Moment.

How Gratitude Tokens fit the FlowStir Mission

The FlowStir Mission is simple… spark more moments of gratitude, connection and smiles. These wooden tokens do just that by encouraging the holder/giver to notice and appreciate more while connecting and spreading smiles with a simple token of appreciation. Of course, if no tokens are available, a simple smile or verbal thank you is always highly encouraged.

Join us in spreading love & gratitude.

• While they last, get two FREE Gratitude Tokens (one for you – one to pass along) and some Stir Stickers.

• Buy a set of 10 Gratitude Tokens and join our campaign in spreading smiles, love and appreciation (offline). Look for kindness – show gratitude – find your flow and stir your soul.

• Contact us about getting a bigger batch or a custom design to really pump up the Campaign.

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