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Quick stirs

We deliver a simple Stir (AffirmAction) each day to help you smile, break routine, and stir your soul. All you need is 5 seconds (though more is better) to lighten up the day.

Let’s move. Let’s smile. Let’s create. Let’s share. Let’s play and stir it up!

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Check today’s Stir now… and do it!

Flow Compass

This is a simple mindfulness tool that subtly guides (nudges) you towards the best direction in this moment. Where should you focus your attention?

Yes, you can always flip a coin, check horoscope, pick a card… but, when you are pondering which direction to flow or to focus on, the flow compass delivers the magic.

The results are more curiosity, balance, and happiness. Open your mind and heart to a cosmic nudge and let’s flow!

Mandala Maker

Mandalas are believed to connect with the Universe and are used as symbols of prayer and instruments for meditation. With this tool you can conjure the magic of sacred geometry in seconds.

We are all creative and we are all artists! This mandala tool delivers the proof of that – ease the mind, stir the soul, and play with sacred geometry.  What secrets will you awaken?

Flow Stir videos

We have much content to collect and create as we begin the FlowStir Quest. As our community grows this page will present the best-of videos that share the smiles, add to your flow, and stir your soul.

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