Gratitude Tokens – Let’s Spread the Love!

What are Gratitude Tokens? Gratitude Tokens are physical wooden tokens of appreciation and gratitude. They are a currency of sorts backed by nothing but positive energy – the more they are gifted, the more stoked with luck, laughter and love they become. They also serve as powerful lucky totems… which is nice. Why we need […]

The Practice of Daily Stirs

What Are Daily Stirs? Daily Stirs are simple in-the-moment practices to lighten your way and brighten your day. These easy actions (also called AffirmActions) can be done almost anywhere, alone or with others. “Stirring” is a process of blending things together, but it is also an awakening. Daily Stirs are an easy way to create, […]

What is the Meaning of The FlowStir Symbol?

The origin and first uses of a spiral symbol combined with an upward arrow are unknown. Use of the symbol to represent the FlowStir Project along with it’s FlowBeings first appeared in a series of visions and dreams revealed to Sparker Lovejoy in 2021. The meaning, of what has become known as the FlowStir symbol, […]