FlowStir Mission Statement

FlowStir Mission – The FlowStir mission is simple… spark more moments of gratitude, connection and smiles. Finding Flow – Stirring Soul.   What FlowStir Offers the World – FlowStir offers a platform for initiating small, simple actions (Stirs) that break routine, stir the heart/soul, and with practice, lead in a small way to more authentic, […]

Who Are Flow Beings?

The Flow Beings represent all humans creatively working on raising their consciousness, connection, and happiness. The head as a spiral with upward pointing arrow represents a positive spiral of open minded joy, creativity, and growing oneness with a larger community and the Cosmos. A triangular body represents a balance of Body, Mind and Spirit. Arms […]

What is the Meaning of The FlowStir Symbol?

The origin and first uses of a spiral symbol combined with an upward arrow are unknown. Use of the symbol to represent the FlowStir Project along with it’s Flow Beings appeared in a series of visions and dreams bestowed on Sparker Lovejoy. The meaning, of what has become known as the FlowStir symbol, is fluid […]