Gratitude Tokens – Let’s Spread the Love!

What are Gratitude Tokens? Gratitude Tokens are physical wooden tokens of appreciation and gratitude. They are a currency of sorts backed by nothing but positive energy – the more they are gifted, the more stoked with luck, laughter and love they become. They also serve as powerful lucky totems… which is nice. Why we need […]

The Practice of Daily Stirs

What Are Daily Stirs? Daily Stirs are simple in-the-moment practices to lighten your way and brighten your day. These easy actions (also called AffirmActions) can be done almost anywhere, alone or with others. “Stirring” is a process of blending things together, but it is also an awakening. Daily Stirs are an easy way to create, […]

How to Increase Happiness | Small-Step Resources From FlowStir

Our quest here art FlowStir is to increase happiness, find flow, connect and be more present. We are interested in any resources that can help us do that. We have FlowStir Approved Videos here, but this is the place for articles, books, websites, and other resources that can help nudge us towards happier and more […]

About FlowStir

The FlowStir mission is simple… spark more moments of gratitude, connection and smiles. Finding Flow – Stirring Soul.   The FlowStir Difference Play – There is always choice in how we embrace (or repel) our current moments. Work or play? Furious or curious? Grump or gratitude? Fight or flow? Stagnant or Stirred? We hope with […]

Who Are Flow Beings?

The Flow Beings represent all humans creatively working on raising their consciousness, connection, and happiness. The head as a spiral with upward pointing arrow represents a positive spiral of open minded joy, creativity, and growing oneness with a larger community and the Cosmos. A triangular body represents a balance of Body, Mind and Spirit. Arms […]

New Beginnings & the Number 55… Flow & Stir

The number 55 is a mysterious number that has captivated people’s imaginations for centuries. Its mystique and significance have been explored in different cultures and religions, from Christianity to Buddhism and even ancient Egyptian mythology. At FlowStir we also have been drawn to this number, call on it as much as we can, and believe […]

What is the Meaning of The FlowStir Symbol?

The origin and first uses of a spiral symbol combined with an upward arrow are unknown. Use of the symbol to represent the FlowStir Project along with it’s FlowBeings first appeared in a series of visions and dreams revealed to Sparker Lovejoy in 2021. The meaning, of what has become known as the FlowStir symbol, […]